david bernstein

Writer, Director
I’m a copywriter by day but my passion is writing screen
plays and directing.

love drops in

  • Surf star Cody Duran thought he’d never find a greater love than the ocean. But when true love comes calling, conquering the North Shores killer waves can’t prepare him for facing his biggest challenge yet - falling in love.
  • Written Only
  • Film
  • Drama, Romance, Sports


Summer is Cody’s time. After taking every major surf competition last season Cody is this year’s favorite and the goldenboy of the circuit. Casual - not a bit unless you’re talkng about dating. Cody eats, sleeps and breaths the waves. He’s almost more comfortable on a surf board on a 8’ wave than on land and definately more than in a classroom.

Cody is about to graduate. Sure he dates casually but his motto’ is don’t get hung up on a girl. It’s practically a mantra....

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