About iPitch.tv

iPitch.tv is the Film and Television Industry's newest marketplace for Creators and Buyers of original projects for Film, TV & Web/Digital Media. iPitch.tv delivers a next generation platform for creators of both video produced and written pitches and is founded on the core belief that if a highly original pitch can meet the mind and eyes of the right Entertainment Industry Professional, there is no "gatekeeper" or “closed door” that can prevent that pitch from meeting it’s destiny as a produced film, television show or streaming media program.   

With broadcasters and exhibitors of all kinds clamoring for new and original content, and fierce competition amongst producers to provide it, there has never been a bigger market for media pitches. 

iPitch.tv bridges the gap between creators with new undiscovered pitches and entertainment industry professionals scouting for new ideas.  iPitch.tv offers creators and filmmakers the opportunity to share their ideas in our marketplace for discovery by Entertainment Industry Executives and gives those Executives an unparalleled sourcing tool for fresh material. 



TV/Film Executives:  iPitch.tv is a Free Service for qualified TV/Film Professionals, delivering an unparalleled sourcing tool that is both dynamic and convenient, connecting you with Creators of video-taped and written pitches for your consideration. Scout video, sizzle reels and pitches in all genres. Discovering your next hit movie or tv show is just a few clicks away.




Creators:  (Writers, Producers, Directors) ­ TV/Film Producers and Studio Executives want two things:  A great TV or Movie pitch and a visual connection with it.  iPITCH.TV gives Screenwriters, Filmmakers and Creators the ability to pitch TV and Movie ideas by submission in our marketplace.  Submit your Film, TV or New Media idea with a sizzle reel, screenplay, verbal video pitch, short film, student film, narrative feature, pilot, documentary, web series and more.