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NATPE: is celebrating 54 years of service to the ever-evolving global television industry, NATPE inspires the growth and success of content development, creation, production, financing and distribution across all platforms through interdependent marketplaces where industry powers gather to offer insight and make deals. NATPE is the leader in developing international markets and conferences for the entire spectrum of the dynamic content business.

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REALSCREEN: Realscreen aims to bring diverse communities together for dialog, debate and discussion about the global business of factual entertainment.

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NAPA VALLEY FILM FESTIVAL: The Napa Valley Film Festival showcases an outstanding presentation of independent filmmaking, while also working to build a sense of community around the art of visual storytelling. Film screenings and networking events are accompanied by the world-class food and wine of stunning Napa Valley, fueling lively conversations with old and new friends.

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SUNSET FILM FESTIVAL: With so few spots available at the bigger film festivals, independent filmmakers struggle to get noticed. After all the hard work of making a movie, there's nothing like seeing it on the big screen. Sunset Film Festival seeks hidden gems bigger fests often overlook. Sunset Film Festival programmers are looking for visionary filmmakers with fresh voices to share with an audience hungry for independent film.

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ARLINGTON INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL: Arlington International Film Festival (AIFF) is an award winning organization with its mission being to foster appreciation for different cultures by exploring the lives of people around the globe through independent film.

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THE WORLD'S INDEPENDANT FILM FESTIVAL: TWIFF is dedicated to showcasing new and innovative films while fostering the next generation of filmmakers. The festival also seeks to serve the community by presenting unique programs that educate, inspire, engage and challenge a diverse audience through the art of film.

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THE UNIVERSE MULTICULTURAL FILM FESTIVAL: The Universe Multicultural Film Festival seeks to bring to the best of classic and contemporary filmmaking from the world; Committed to enlightening the public with a unique international film program, a forum for cultural understanding and enriching educational opportunities.

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THE TORONTO INDEPENDANT FILM AWARDS: TIFA, the Toronto Independent Film Awards Inc. (formerly known as Toronto International Film and Video Awards Inc. TIFVA) is dedicated to awarding and showcasing the best independent films from around the world.

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The Global Nonviolent Film Festival is the world’s leading and most renowned nonviolent film festival. The event, founded by film director Bruno Pischiutta and producer Daria Trifu in 2012, showcases nonviolent films and demonstrates how those movies are not only capable of great international success, but are also in high demand by the public. Since 2021, all the films selected at the Global Nonviolent Film Festival are guaranteed to receive a distribution contract proposal from globalcinema.online – a streaming channel for nonviolent films available worldwide.
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CREATORS VAULT is an electronic copyright archival system providing Writers and Creators time-archived third party proof-of-creation and protection for their written materials and other intellectual properties preparing for market.

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DC SHORTS FESTIVAL: Recently named the “Coolest Short Film Festival” by Moviemaker Magazine, the 12th DC Shorts Film Festival and Screenplay Competition is the largest short film event on the East Coast of the United States.

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CHICAGO COMEDY FILM FESTIVAL: Chicago Comedy Film Festival is an international festival. We aim to showcase films that are both humorous and poignant. Comedy often has difficulty competing against other genres in the film festival circuit. The Chicago Comedy Film Festival is a welcoming environment for both experienced and first time comedy filmmakers.

Information Provided Courtesy of Chicago Comedy Film Festival.



PILOT LIGHT TV FESTIVAL:  The UK's new festival of TV & Web Series, Season 2 takes place 4th-7th May 2017 in Manchester at HOME, Gorilla and Salford University's MediaCity venue. We are dedicated to celebrating the best in the past, present and future of TV & Web Series from around the world!

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CHICAGO SOUTH ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL:  Founded in 2010, the Chicago South Asian Film Festival, Presented by Zee Cinema, has become the largest annual South Asian event in the heartland of America. #CSAFFestival is organized by the Chicago South Asian Arts Council Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is dedicated to enhancing diversity in Chicagoland through international cinema, conversation and culture. With premiere films, panel discussions, speaker series, workshops, film awards, dazzling receptions, after parties and networking events – we celebrate international cinema in the warm and personable style that is unique to Chicago.

Information Provided Courtesy of Chicago South Asian Film Festival.



The Oxford Film Festival has also added to the impact it is making with filmmakers, film artists, and the local community, by embracing its place artistically, politically, and socially in Oxford and the state of Mississippi. Last year, the film festival introduced an LGBTQ competition category as a reaction to the state’s Religious Freedom bill to create legal discrimination, and welcomed beloved film veteran Danny Glover to speak (prior to a screening of Raoul Peck’s I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO) about an upcoming worker’s strike and march in Canton, Mississippi to fight for workers’ rights and voting rights in the state.

Information Provided Courtesy of Oxford Film Festival.



HALLOWEEN HORROR PICTURE SHOW:  Tampa Florida's Original Horror Film Festival! Started in 2002 The Halloween Horror Picture Show has screened 100's of Short and Feature Films giving Independent Filmmakers and opportunity to screen their films to the fans and also to introduce their work, have Q&A's and even sell their merch!

Information Provided Courtesy of The Halloween Horror Picture Show.




ZED FILM FESTIVAL AND SCREENPLAY COMPETITION:  Zed Fest Film Festival  and Screenplay Competition was founded in 2010 to honor and acknowledge filmmakers and screenwriters who persevere against all odds to get their films made and tell their stories. In our competition we search for the Filmmakers and Screenwriters that embody the spirit of passionate movie making itself.

We are an Independent Film Festival Showcasing The Best of 2017 Indie Films From All over the world in the Horror,Suspense, SCI-FI, Action Adventure, Drama and Art house Genres.

Information Provided Courtesy of ZED Film Festival.



MONMOUTH FILM FESTIVAL:  The festival is more than an opportunity for artists to have their work showcased, it is a forum for educational opportunities through workshops, networking, Q&As and special panels with industry guests; that provide insight, growth and inspiration. Our unique platform strives to create an atmosphere where filmmakers of all levels, including high and low budget works, can be seen, heard and interact with movie-goers, promoters and other artists.

Information Provided Courtesy of The Monmouth Film Festival.


New York International Screenplay Awards aims to bring together the producers and screenwriters, whether amateur or professional from all over the world. The writers of the scripts chosen have a chance to meet producers in New York. In addition they will get glamourus trophies, cash and various kinds of prizes.

The first of the award ceremonies was last year. All through out the year screenwriters from almost 20 countries applied to the contest. Those who won had meetings with about 10 New Yorker producers online. The screenwriters who submitted their scripts, producers and the other guests who work in the American movie industry had a chance to network at the award ceremony and the after party.

Information Provided Courtesy of The New York International Screenplay Awards.



A monthly online-only short film competition presented by St. Lawrence International Film Festival, SLIFF Online provides short filmmakers exposure to a global audience and a highly curated list of entertainment industry decision-makers and influencers. Official Selections receive designated laurels and are shared on our website for one month and promoted accordingly.  Category Winners receive designated laurels, remain featured through our website's Filmmakers to Watch page for one year, and will be shared with our industry list, in addition to other unique and exclusive prizes.

Information Provided Courtesy of the St. Lawrence International Film Festival



The American Youth Film Festival is an opportunity for student filmmakers to showcase their moviemaking skills. Many young people regularly produce films that are then posted on social media websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or SnapChat. We will capture that interest and channel it to understand the “love of film or filmmaking” through the eyes of youth filmmakers using whatever film making tools available (smart phone, digital camera or video camera) to tell their story.

Information Provided Courtesy of the American Youth Film Festival.



THE BARNSTORM FILM FESTIVAL:  a revolutionary film/script festival.

Information Provided Courtesy of the Barnstorm Film Festival.







FROSTBITE is a festival by filmmakers for filmmakers based in Colorado. Half of our Winners are first-time filmmakers and students! We award 20 films every month, which are screened in Colorado, and share our winners with thousands online.

Information Provided Courtesy of the Frostbite Film Festival.






The NYC Indie Film Awards are a monthly online awards competition based in the center of the most exciting city on this planet, and is a platform for Independent Filmmakers from all over the world to show their talents!

Information Provided Courtesy of the NYC Indie Film Awards.


Revolution Me Film Festival, a non-profit organization brings you a new generation of filmmakers. It is important for every artist of every culture to stand for something in their own unique way, to creating stories that can change the world.

Information Provided Courtesy of the NYC Indie Film Awards.


Tribal Film Festival seeks Indigenous films (& SCRIPTS can be ANY genre, they do not have to be indigenous stories) from around the world.  TFF plays an important part in pushing for the accessibility of Indigenous films with inspiring and uplifting stories that entertain and educate.  

Information Provided Courtesy of the Tribal Film Festival.





The Lights, Camera, Take Action Film Festival is intended to bring together community members and the network of food insecurity organizations that tackle issues in the Fort Collins community. Additionally, the festival aims to raise awareness about food insecurity, food justice, poverty, homelessness, food equality, access to healthy eating, etc. There will be a panel discussion following the showing of the films featuring representatives from local hunger and poverty prevention organizations. For more information on the festival please visit our festival webpage.

Information Provided Courtesy of the Lights, Camera, Take Action Film Festival.





The Philadelphia Independent Film Awards shines a spotlight on the overlooked indie film casts and crews who create the films today that showcase the stars of tomorrow. It's organized by independent filmmakers FOR independent filmmakers.

Information Provided Courtesy of the Philadelphia Independant Film Awards.




The JUST BE LOVE Project conference & film festival is dedicated to education, awareness, and inspiring action for social justice and human rights issues through educational events and socially conscious films.

Information Provided Courtesy of The Just Be Love Project.

GLITTER! Oklahoma's LGBT Film Festival is proud to launch in conjunction with Fat Mary's Lounge & Cabaret in McAlester, OK. The festival directors with GLITTER are looking to provide a diverse outlet for art in Southeastern Oklahoma. GLITTER! will showcase LGBT films , filmmakers and artists only.

Information Provided Courtesy of Glitter LGBT Film Festival.

SCUFF - The Seattle College and University Film Festival showcases a ninety minute selection of short films and video projects from college filmmakers across the Puget Sound.

Information Provided Courtesy of SCUFF.



​The African World Film Festival works in tandem with the African World Festival, by introducing, encouraging, and allowing people to showcase their films on a city wide scale and it also allows exposure to independent filmmaker, director​s​,​ producers​ and act​ors/actress around the world​​.

Information Provided Courtesy of the African World Film Festival.

TSWY International Film Festival is a film festival dedicated to promote Deaf Talent opportunities in the film industry. Unlike any regular Deaf Film Festival, it will adopt the TSWY series concept encouraging participant filmmakers to involve both Deaf and Hearing crew and cast members to find the experience of working together as a team.

Information Provided Courtesy of the Strength Within You Film Festival.

The Philadelphia Television festival was created to help television and short form film artists hone their craft, improve their program development and distribution processes, and create an environment to foster creativity and ideas. Our event is a great place to meet producers, executives, crew members, and others in the industry.  We showcase individuals with a theatre screening and we air their work on Philadelphia television.

Information Provided Courtesy of the Philly TV Festival.

The Oil Valley Film Festival is designed to bring the voices and films of new and established filmmakers to the heart of Venango County, an area underrepresented in the world of film. Located in Oil City, Pennsylvania, and nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, the Oil Valley Film Festival grants moviegoers the experience of watching engaging cinema, from around the world, within an intimate community with a rich history.

Information Provided Courtesy of the Oil Valley Film Festival.



In 2009 New Media Film Festival was announced in Second Life as part of the C3 – United Nations – Millennium Project as an annual event. The Festival brings together the work of established and emerging New Media Content Creators and video artists, from the US as well as internationally.  As Councilmember Paul Koretz stated:  “The New Media Film Festival is one of the most unusual yet exciting festivals in the world.  Thanks to the hard work of Founder/Director Susan Johnston and her board, this festival embodies the transformative power of the cinematic arts as it effectively welds together story and technology for everyone.”  New Media Film Festival introduces new technology, communication of ideas through panels and Q & A’s to implement a more expansive use of 21st technology in storytelling for artists and content creators. The Goal of New Media Film Festival is to bring the world the Best in New Media – Honoring Stories worth Telling of emerging and established video and new media artists throughout the world. To give the global community at large the chance to experience the latest in technology and innovative storytelling to help define the world of new media.

Information Provided Courtesy of the New Media Film Festival.


Seated amid the rolling hillsides and lofty timbers of Eastern West Virginia, Baretower Forge Film Festival is a unique monthly world-wide short film competition devoted to fostering creativity, inspiring imagination and showcasing extraordinary filmmaking near and abroad.

Information Provided Courtesy of the Baretower Forge World Film Competition.
The Piton International Film Festival (PIFF) is a 12-month initiative that focuses on celebrating, exploring, and understanding the various aspects that are needed in the production of filmmaking.  PIFF highlights the opportunities that are available behind as well as what is in front of the camera.  PIFF also works collaboratively with individuals involved in filmmaking and film festivals throughout the global community. PIFF is unique in that its focus is on education, collaboration, and celebration, instead of competition.
Information Provided Courtesy of the Piton International Film Festival.

The DC Black Film Festival (DCBFF) is dedicated to showcasing quality film, webseries and television content by and/or about people of African descent. We support emerging artists striving to add diversity to the images and storytellers working in the entertainment industry. The DCBFF is committed to playing an integral role in discovering, celebrating and helping films and filmmakers by bringing them to the attention of the industry, media and public. 

Information Provided Courtesy of the DC Black Film Festival.




The Wicked Awesome Film Festival:  The only film festival in entertainment starved Southeastern Montana.

Information Provided Courtesy of the Wicked Awesome Film Festival.

Digital Griffix is an international online event, a showcase of short films under 30 minutes and full length films. The films are selected each month to be screened from our website and vimeo account for a week, starting on February 1st 2017. There will be a new deadline set every month.

Information Provided Courtesy of the Digital Griffix Online Film Festival.
The 300 Seconds Short Film Festival is a celebration of super short films. We believe that a true storyteller can pull off a fantastic story, no matter how little time they have. We only accept entries that are between 60 and 300 seconds long!

Information Provided Courtesy of the 300 Seconds Short Film Festival.


The Horrible Imaginings Film Festival:  It is our mission to celebrate horror and its various sub-genres by showcasing new and independent artists, as well as reviving classic horror films in San Diego, California. From psychological thrillers to supernatural horror to slashers and even to related genres like noir, horror's power lies in its inherent ability to take our fears and exploit them--helping us either to face them, or just to appease our dark sides. The proliferation of horror sub-genres in the arts is testament to the creative power behind/within this dark domain. It is the mission of Horrible Imaginings to expand the definition of what is commonly expected to be horror.

Information Provided Courtesy of the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival.
The Short Movie Club:  Millions of movies are shot and thousands of short film festivals are held all over the world every year. On average, several thousands of films are submitted to a film festival. So various good films can be neglected for whatever reason. Some times selecting probability is like winning a lottery. As a result, filmmakers are left with no feedback. It is a paradox that no one can hear you in an age of the Internet! The mainstream culture prefers attractions and casual viewing. For this reason, we’d created this “unfiltered cinema” project. It aims to promote films unpurified by festivals and producer companies. We collect films and do our best to show programmes to the wide audience at National Centre of Contemporary Arts. We compile comments of viewers, cinephiles and experts and send them to filmmakers. The key point of our project is to establish a communication between the filmmaker and the audience.
Information Provided Courtesy of the Short Movie Club.



The Catch & Release Showcase Festival:  This innovative showcase / film festival is all about diversity. We seek to highlight some of the youngest and brightest in the film & art community. And also aim to bring social awareness to a greater cause, human trafficking. 

Information Provided Courtesy of the Catch & Release Showcase Festival.






Visioni Corte International Short Film Festival is a film contest organized by the Cultural Association "The Ulysses’ dream", which begun in 2012 in Minturno, Lazio, Italy.  It’s aimed to all the authors and filmmakers of independent short films that do not work for large film distribution companies. Our mission is to spread their talent in the worldwide, embracing different fields to allow freedom of interpretation and creativity of emerging authors and also merging culture and tourism through the beauty and the traditions of our beautiful country, the Sud Pontino.  The contest includes 5 categories: CortoFiction Italy, CortoFiction International, CortoAnimation, CortoMusic and CortoDoc. During the days of the festival, there are also exhibitions, photo contest, workshops about cinema and presentation of books that regard the world of cinema and its protagonists.  There are many ways to tell a story with the camera: we believe in diversity and expressive in its strength. We give space to those who usually does not find few opportunities to express themselves in similar events.

Information Provided Courtesy of the Visioni Corte International Film Festival.




ScreenCraft Comedy Screenplay Contest:  Whether you have a romantic comedy or an action-comedy blockbuster, we want to read your script. Big or small, our jury is looking for smart feature film screenplays with strong command of the craft, lots of heart and unique comedic voices. All entries are eligible for optional feedback from a studio-trained professional reader.

Information Provided Courtesy of WeScreenPlay.





The Latino Film Market’s mission is The Latino Film Market’s mission is to showcase and promote upcoming Latino filmmakers who do not have movie distribution.

Information Provided Courtesy of the Latino Film Market.







FIVE CONTINENTS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL is an online festival, with LIVE SCREENING of the winning films; is a monthly festival of world cinematography, where feature films, short films, videoclips, webseries and video arts from all over the world come together to compete for the various prizes of the festival, but In addition they obtain the greater satisfaction of a filmmaker: that his work is seen by the public. Therefore, there is a prize that is granted by our subscribers, when viewing the film.

Information Provided Courtesy of the The Five Continents International Film Festival.




HollyShorts Film Festival: HollyShorts is an organization devoted to showcasing the best and brightest short films from around the globe, advancing the careers of filmmakers through screenings, networking events, and various panel and forums. The HollyShorts Film festival showcases the top short films produced 40-minutes or less.

Information Provided Courtesy of the HollyShorts Film Festival