Reel Deals | Creator Gary White subscriber Gary White listed his pitch for a Game Show format in April of 2016.  He was approached by Production Companies Madrik Multimedia & Todd Stevens Productions (“Lets Ask America”) to option his project for active development.  We caught up with Gary for an interview on his experience:


iPITCH.TV:  Tell us a bit about your background and how long you’ve been creating ideas for TV shows?  

GARY WHITE:  I have owned a local TV station in Central Kentucky for the past 16 years. We do all local original programming and produce everything we air. Over the years we’ve aired original games shows, sitcoms, dating shows, cooking shows and talk shows. Recently I decided to try and sell the ideas for some of the original shows we’ve been developing in Central Kentucky.

iP:  What brought you to

GW:  In the past I’ve tried some websites where you can sell your ideas with a written treatment. I decided to try iPitch TV because I think being able to upload video really makes a difference in how the pitch is received. 

iP:  Do you have a passion for Game Shows in particular?  What game show(s) have influenced you the most and why?

GW:  Game shows have been great for us locally, because they give ordinary people the opportunity to be on TV. Also, I remember when I was younger watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune with my Mom and playing along with the contestants on the show.

iP:  We’re excited to see your game show pitch connect with a producer!  How long did it take after listing your pitch before that producer connected with your project?

GW:  I was first contacted by the producer just a few weeks after posting “Oblivious” on iPitch TV.  I really like how iPitch lets you see each time someone views your pitch.

iP:  Without revealing any key details about your concept, tell us about your experience in pitching your Game Show idea on

GW:  I had a video that I produced several years ago for an original game show called “Oblivious.” When I learned about iPitch and the opportunity to upload video with your pitch, I thought it was a perfect match. Uploading the video was very simple and it was easy to include the show treatment and additional information.

iP:  Can you share some details on your relationship with the Producer now and update us on the status of your pitch?

GW:  We just signed an agreement last week and now “Oblivious” is moving on to development with the hope of selling the idea to a distribution outlet. I’m looking forward to working with the producers to create the best pilot possible.

iP:  What are your impressions of the marketplace as a tool for sharing original media concepts with Entertainment Industry Professionals?

GW:  I’m very happy with the results I’ve gotten so far with iPitch. I have several more show ideas I will be uploading to the site.

iP:  Your concept is quite unconventional when compared to most traditional game shows. How do you see game shows evolving in television?

GW:  I’m excited with the interactive twists the producers have planned with “Oblivious.” I think viewers are more tech savvy today and your idea needs to build upon that fact.

iP:  Any advice for other creators who are trying to get their media concepts sold?

GW:  Keep working the idea until you feel it’s the best it can be. Then use any way possible, such as iPitch.TV, to get it in front of producers.